For over 30 years pHionics has manufactured isolated water quality transmitters for monitoring and control
submersible water quality transmitters
About pHionics
Since 1981 pHionics has been manufacturing integrated, isolated, submersible water quality sensors and transmitters for the measurement of pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), and ORP (redox), which all include a temperature channel as a standard offering. Due to our focus on a few core products, pHionics' water quality transmitters have gained an excellent reputation for industrial and monitoring applications when you need a 'product that works'.

pHionics also performs research and development of products such as conductivity, pressure and ISE transmitters, 1500 PSI cable seals, and high-pressure submersible connectors for third parties. pHionics makes various modifications to, or private-labeling of, our standard transmitters for sale to OEMs for resale or licensing.

Our rugged sensors and transmitters use the best available, affordable technologies (differential amplifiers, isolation, 'true 2-wire', 4-20 ma, double-junction electrodes, large surface area anodes, field-replaceable sensors and cables, etc.), and are made of the highest quality materials (food-grade Delrin, PVDF, polyurethane, Kevlar, 316 SS, titanium, Teflon, Viton, etc.) manufactured to exacting standards to provide you with years of trouble-free, and safe service in demanding environments. Ease of service has always been our primary design goal -- providing the client with a low cost of ownership.

Our creative designs have resulted in the successful completion of several Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards (Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III), and the issuance of the following patents to date -- U.S. Patent Nos: 6331117, 6612848, 6824394, 6834560, 6993988, 7293746.

pHionics' water quality transmitters will provide the accuracy and reliability that you require in a variety of water quality applications -- such as process control, data acquisition, wastewater, and groundwater monitoring.  
ORP (redox)
Dissolved Oxygen
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About pHionics
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