For over 30 years pHionics has manufactured isolated water quality transmitters for monitoring and control
submersible water quality transmitters
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Quantity Discount
Quantity Discount
Wire Transfers
Wire Transfers
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The customer is responsible for wire transfer fees originating on their end. Prepayment discount does not apply to shipping costs.

Upon confirmation that the order has been accepted by pHionics, the total invoice amount should be deposited via wire transfer to
the address, routing and account numbers as provided by pHionics per our communications (please do not wire funds prior to written
acceptance of order):

To expedite the timely entry of the order, once the transfer has been made, send a PDF of the wire transfer transaction to:

To request a quote, please contact us via e-mail. This may be performed through our e-mail address, or with the "Contact Us" page as found in the menu above. Provide as much detail about the needs and your application as possible, and we will help to confirm which product is most suitable for your application, and provide you with the proper part numbers. You may also send us a PDF of your RFQ or purchase order. If you do not receive a confirmation of your order within two business days -- please call or contact us in your preferred manner. 

We accept NET 30 terms for orders originating in the US, wire transfers, and prepaid checks.

Orders outside of the United States will be handled via electronic deposit (wire transfer) or posted check to our bank. For more information on wire transfers, click on 'wire transfers' on the left of this page.

If you are applying for credit, please send a PDF of your customary credit application and a current balance sheet to:

ORP (redox)
Dissolved Oxygen
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