Product Description
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Insertion (in-line)
Insertion (in-line)
Snap-off guard
 for easy cleaning
Water quality sensor can be replaced in fifteen seconds.
316 SS housing -- titanium optional
Cable can be replaced within fifteen seconds with pHionics' patented connector system. 0.050 thick Polyurethane jacketed, water-blocked, shielded, Kevlar reinforced -- better than 'marine grade'. FEP jacketed cable optional -- for those tougher applications.
Insertion (in-line) or submersion applications
Isolated pH, ORP (redox), or dissolved oxygen -- and temperature outputs -- no ground-loops!
Temperature Transmitter
For over 30 years pHionics has manufactured isolated water quality transmitters for monitoring and control
submersible water quality transmitters
A typical application shown with anti-blowout, 316 SS fitting
(P/N cmp34s/ab)
Simply lower the transmitter and cable into the tank, lake, well, etc.. For applications that require more stability and/or protection of the cable and transmitter from mixers, chemical injection points, etc. -- reverse the cmp34s compression fitting and mount at the end of a standpipe or equivalent, as shown.
Product Description
Features and Benefits
Features and Benefits
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Insertion (in-line)
The STs series of submersible water quality transmitters have an integrated preamp and an isolated 'true 2-wire', 4-20 ma transmitter. Two independent channels simultaneously transmit a water quality parameter (such as pH, ORP (redox), or dissolved oxygen (DO)) and a temperature signal -- two wires for the water quality tranmsitter, and two wires for temperature. The compact design afforded by the patented pHiConn (TM) keyless connection system -- and the 316SS (titanium optional) and Delrin construction -- make the rugged sensor/transmitter ideal for applications such as process control, data acquisition, wastewater treatment, and, groundwater monitoring, The units can be submersed to 200 feet (approximately 100 psi). Individual units can be combined to make redundant or multiparameter modules using the pHionics' patented pHiKLIP (TM) array system. The pHiKLIP (TM) system also allows for the units to be used in in-line (insertion) applications without fear of blow-out. As with all pHionics' designs, the sensor/transmitters are designed with 'ease of service' as a primary goal.
The 'true 2-wire', 4-20 ma STs series sensor/transmitters send a current proportional to the parameter being measured on the same two wires that provide the power (7 to 40 volts dc). Current transmission allows for long runs of inexpensive cable or wire (up to three miles) that is virtually noise-free without any signal loss that is common to voltage (IR drop) or digital (capacitance affecting 'rise/fall' timing). The seven volt operation allows the units to be powered by 12 volt battery systems with 5 volts of compliance, making them compatible with RTU's and solar powered applications. The units are intended for calibration via software supplied with the datalogger, PLC, or through the DCS.
The water quality signal on Channel 1 is automatically temperature compensated -- providing a correction to yield the true water quality output regardless of temperature changes -- if necessary. This is not to be confused with the temperature channel of the transmitter, which provides an independent, isolated, 4-20 ma output proportional to the 0 to 50 Celsius range on Channel 2. The auto-polarity correction feature directs the applied supply voltage to allow for proper operation regardless of wire hookup. The Red and Black wires are for Channel 1 -- the water quality parameter, and the White and Green wires are for Channel 2 -- temperature.

The temperature channel will typically provide an accuracy of +/- 0.5 Celsius over the 0 to 50 Celsius range.

Features and

n  Isolated outputs on all pHionics transmitters  

n  No ground-loops -- will operate in tough process applications

n  0-50 Celsius temperature channel on all transmitters

n  A temperature transmitter at no additional cost

n  'True 2-wire' 4-20 ma output

n  No third wire required -- which can result in damage due to improper wiring

n  Reversible input protection and correction

n  Transmitter cannot be wired incorrectly will work even if wires are reversed preventing damage to transmitter

n Small, 3/4" (19mm) diameter

n  Ideal for submersion in wells, and lower mounting costs, at higher pressures

n  Automatic temperature compensation water quality parameter

n  Corrects for temperature changes 


n  Sensor (electrode) life of three years in typical applications

n  Resulting in a low cost of ownership (approx $6/mo)

n  Insertion (in-line) or submersion capability

n  Insertion (in-line) or submersion capability

n  Patented, field replaceable sensors and cables

n  The entire transmitter does not have to be scrapped, if only one or two components are damaged

n  Kevlar TM (DuPont) reinforced, shielded, water-blocked, polyurethane jacketed cable -- standard

n  Added pull strength, low noise, and limited water damage due to compromised cable or transmitter -- not simply 'marine grade'

n  Optional titanium housing and FEP jacketed cables

n  For the extremely difficult applications

n  Double o-ring seals

n  Provide exceptional sealing for reliability on cable and sensor seals

n  No Potting rebuildable components

n  No premature failures due to poor sealing and curing of potting compounds   plus allows for the capability of easily replacing the cable, housing, or electronics or simply exchanging the cable for a different length.  Reduced weight.

All pHionics transmitters come with an isolated, 0 to 50 Celsius temperature transmitter on the second channel (the white and green cable wires) -- at no additional cost. 


ORP (redox)
Dissolved Oxygen
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